My Nearly-Paleo Microwave Mug Brownie Recipe

Stir together in a mug:
3 tbsp almond meal (or 2 almond meal plus 1 oatmeal)
1 tbsp whole wheat flour or gluten free flour
1 tbsp cocoa
small pinch baking soda
1 tbsp olive or other oil (or one egg)
approx 2 tbsp milk or coconut milk, to make the consistency like that
of cake batter

Microwave 3 mins until firm on top, then sprinkle choc chips on top.

Welcome to Gyrovia

Gyrovia™ is the name I have chosen for my new blog that will bring together my work and play interests into a convenient single repository.

First, a big thanks to Gregg Garcia for suggesting the name “Gyrovia”, which brings together my interests in location, drones, movement and Greek street food.