How would you spend $150 on your health?

Ahead of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales I got a discount offer from Withings for their well-regarded WS-50 connected scale.  This bathroom scale measures one’s weight, heart rate, body fat composition, etc, and automatically uploads it to the Withings Healthmate web service. Since I already manually enter my weight and resting heart rate into Healthmate, this seemed like an elegant way to automate this, but I baulked at the $150 price tag.

That then set me to think about what the “best” way I could boost my health with a $150 spend at the present time, and then to start asking other people what they would choose for themselves?  Since I saw quite a few people at dinners and parties over the Thanksgiving holidays it became the spark for some funny and insightful conversations about health, interventions, personal incentives, etc.

Here’s a list of the answers that I can remember:

  • An everyday object, e.g. a Japanese teapot, that is a joy to use
  • Copay for a comprehensive “executive” medical exam/tests
  • Cycling heart-rate or cadence meter
  • Fitbit activity tracker
  • Lamb chops (“healthier than steak”)
  • Massage
  • Running shoes
  • Nutrition classes
  • Organic food
  • Pass to continue existing classes, e.g. spinning
  • Pass to try new classes, e.g. yoga, spinning, tai chi, etc (this was a popular choice)
  • Session with trainer to learn how to lift free-weights properly
  • Spa day
  • Wifi-connected bathroom scale
  • Year’s supply of statins

I have not (yet) bought the Withings scale, even at a $112 Cyber Monday sale price, and I actually will be spending my 150 health dollars on copays, etc, to try to clear up a recent knee injury I’ve sustained.

How would you spend $150 today on boosting your health?